2017 Ford F-150 Owners Manual - Anti-Theft Alarm

Anti-Theft Alarm

The active anti-theft system is designed to warn you in the event of unauthorized vehicle entry and is also designed to help prevent unwanted towing of your vehicle. You can choose what is monitored by arming the system in different ways.   See   Information Displays
The direction indicators flash and the horn sounds if the system triggers while the alarm is armed.
Take all remote controls to an authorized dealer if there is any potential alarm problem with your vehicle.
Using the System
You can select two levels of alarm security. You can change the level of security when the ignition is switched off through the information display with the two options below:
Perimeter Only (If Equipped)
Perimeter only monitors the following:
  • Doors.
  • Hood.
  • Tailgate.
All Sensors (If Equipped)
All sensors monitors the following:
  • Doors.
  • Hood.
  • Tailgate.
  • Movement inside your vehicle.
  • Change in vehicle inclination, for example, unwanted towing.
Note:   Do not choose all sensors monitor mode when the vehicle is in transport or if movement within the vehicle is likely to occur.
Note:   For correct operation of the interior motion detection system, make sure you close all the windows prior to arming the system. This helps prevent accidental alarm activation due to external influences. Additionally, the interior motion sensing system does not arm if any door is ajar.
Arming the Alarm
The alarm is ready to arm when there is not a key in the ignition. Lock your vehicle using the remote control or keyless entry keypad. You can also lock your vehicle using the lock sensor on the exterior door handle if your vehicle is equipped with intelligent access.   See   Locking and Unlocking
The direction indicators flash once after you lock your vehicle. This indicates the alarm is in the pre-armed mode. It fully arms after 20 seconds.
Disarming the Alarm
Disarm the alarm by any of the following actions:
  • Press the power door unlock button within the 20-second pre-armed mode.
  • Unlock the doors with the remote control or keyless entry keypad. If equipped with intelligent access, you can use the unlock sensor on the exterior door handle.   See   Locking and Unlocking
  • Switch the ignition on or start your vehicle.
  • Use a key in the driver door lock cylinder to unlock your vehicle, then switch the ignition on within 12 seconds.

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