2017 Ford F-150 Owners Manual - Audible Warnings and Indicators

Audible Warnings and Indicators

Airbag Secondary Warning
Sounds if there is a malfunction with the safety belt warning lamp and there is a fault in the supplemental restraints system.
Beltminder Warning
Sounds when a seatbelt is unfastened in an occupied seat and your vehicle is moving.
Door Ajar Warning
Sounds when any door is not completely closed and your vehicle speed exceeds 5 km/h.
Headlamps On Warning
Sounds when you remove the key from the ignition and open the driver's door and you have left the headlamps or parking lamps on.
Key in Ignition Warning
Sounds when you open the driver's door and you have left the key in the ignition.
Keyless Warning Alert (If Equipped)
Sounds the horn twice when you exit your vehicle with the intelligent access key, after the last door is closed and your keyless vehicle is in RUN, indicating your vehicle is still on.
Rear Park Aid Warning (If Equipped)
A detection warning sounds when obstacles are within a certain range of the bumper area. The system turns on automatically whenever you switch the ignition on.
Parking Brake On Warning
Sounds when you have left the parking brake on and drive your vehicle. If the warning chime remains on after you have released the parking brake, have the system checked by your authorized dealer immediately.
Service AdvanceTrac Warning
Sounds when there is a malfunction with the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) or Rollover Stability Control (RSC) system.

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