2017 Ford F-150 Owners Manual - Load Retaining Fixtures

Load Retaining Fixtures

BoxLink™ Cleats
These cleats attach to the inner box walls to help you to tie down cargo. The cleats can be locked to prevent removal or unlocked for removal.
BoxLink Cleats
Note:   Leave the key in the lock when removing or installing the cleats. The key cannot be removed from the lock unless it is in the locked position.
Box Link Cleats
A. 1,223 N maximum force between directly opposed cleats.
B. 2,669 N maximum force between diagonally opposed cleats.
Secure cargo with up to 1,223 N force applied between opposing box link cleats, or up to 2,669 N force applied between diagonal box link cleats.
Removing Locking BoxLink Cleats
  1. Insert the key into the lock and turn clockwise to unlock.
  1. Pull bottom of the cleat outward while pushing top of cleat down.
  1. Hold on to the cleat as it clears the mounting slot.
Installing Locking BoxLink Cleats
Locking Cleats
  1. Insert the key into lock and turn clockwise to unlock.
  1. Insert the cleat into the mounting slot and push upward. Make sure the cleat is fully engaged.
  1. Turn the key counterclockwise to lock.
  1. Remove the key.

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