2017 Ford F-150 Owners Manual - Parking Brake

Parking Brake

WARNING   WARNING:  Always set the parking brake fully and make sure the transmission is locked in park (P). Failure to set the parking brake and engage park could result in vehicle roll-away, property damage or bodily injury.

To set the parking brake, press the parking brake pedal down to its fullest extent. The brake warning lamp in the instrument cluster will illuminate and remains illuminated until the parking brake is released.
To release the parking brake, press the parking brake pedal down again.
If you are parking your vehicle on a grade or with a trailer, press and hold the brake pedal down, then set the parking brake. There may be a little vehicle movement as the parking brake sets to hold the vehicle's weight. This is normal and should be no reason for concern. If needed, press and hold the service brake pedal down, then try reapplying the parking brake. Chock the wheels if required. If the parking brake cannot hold the weight of the vehicle, the parking brake may need to be serviced or the vehicle may be overloaded.

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